All-Natural Plush Animal Toys, 100% Organic Cotton

These unique plush animals are lovingly and carefully created using exquisite, 100% Organic Tanguis cotton 
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The Softest, Cuddliest Plush Animals In The Word

All-Natural stuffed animals, Organic Cotton Plush Toys

All-Natural, Soft, & Pure

certified organic cotton

Our journey begins in a land far away, and high above the clouds, it is known as the birthplace of the sun. At 13,000 feet above sea level, in the rugged Andes, near Lake Titicaca, knitting has been a proud tradition for the Quechua and Aymara people for centuries.

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Peru has the longest continuous textile record in the world, these unique toys are made using techniques that date back almost 10,000 years. Peruvian fiber manipulation began with simple spun fibers, moved on through cords and nets, and eventually developed into complex weaving, including practically every technique known today.


 Peruvian master-artisans draw from the world’s oldest textile tradition, creating intricate, detailed textile designs with knowledge that stretches back a far as time... Only their hands can create the worlds finest, safe, and natural plush toys. 


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 all natural plush animals, organic cotton toys for kids

Sustainably Grown, Sustainably Made

certified organic cotton

Organic cotton farming combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote a good quality of life for all involved. Organic cotton is sustainably grown without the use of GMO seeds and synthetic pesticides. Organic cotton farming has a significantly lower ecological impact on the environment. 


Genetically Modified Seeds (GMO) require a larger investment and thus greater risk, creating a disadvantage for farmers from subsistence communities. Fair prices mean better livelihoods. Using fair trade principles, organic cotton farmers are paid a fair price for their product.


Healthy farms mean a clean environment. Every year more than 70 million cotton workers worldwide suffer poisoning from pesticides. Not using dangerous pesticides protects farmers' lives, soil, drinking water and the environment. 

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Organic cotton production uses lesser energy resources and healthy organic soil stores more carbon helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Organic farming also makes better use of water inputs. Being rain fed saves precious water resources and results in soil that is more resilient during drought condition. 


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100% Organic Tanguis Cotton Toys

 certified organic cotton

Named after agriculturalist Don Fermin Tanguis, Tanguis Cotton was first discovered and documented on the southern coast of Peru in 1908. Tanguis Cotton is of exceptional quality because of its soft touch, strength, excellent absorption, and high dye affinity.

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Since ancient times, Peru has boasted some of the highest quality indigenous cottons in the world. The length, strength and fineness of local cotton ensure the highest quality textiles. The specific climate and soil conditions make Peruvian cotton seeds yield the longest stems in the world, which coupled with perfect balance between resistance and fineness, make for some of the best regarded materials in the textile industry.


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