Classic Teddy Bear Finger Puppets

finger puppets in a finger puppet theatre

Make Nap Time, Playtime & Bed Time Extra Cuddly & Special!

These little teddy bear finger puppets encourage creativity, performance and most of all, FUN!  Children will enjoy creating their own puppet theater as they develop communication skills by talking through these eco friendly toys. There is no substitute for creative and imaginative play when it comes to teaching children. Pretend play is strongly linked to language, narrative language, abstract thought, problem solving, logical sequential thought, creation of stories, social competence with peers, understanding a social situation, integration of emotional, social and cognitive skills, and the ability to play with others.

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Collect Them All!

We have over 200 different finger puppets to choose from, so be sure to check out our other exciting collections for great gift ideas... There's sure to be 'ThumbThing' for everyone! Each toy is handmade with love! Numerous artisans knit each of our finger puppets by hand; There will be variations in the colors and style. No two are exactly the same, and that's why each one is so special! Fair Trade, handmade and eco-friendly!

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