Get Well Soon Finger Puppets

finger puppets in a finger puppet theatre

 Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

A friend in bed is no fun indeed, so wish your buddy who's unwell a speedy recovery with our warm and cute "get well soon" finger puppets. Each of these heart-warming finger puppets are Fair Trade, Eco-Friendly and handmade, you can mail them in an envelope anywhere in the world along with a get-well card for a cool and unique greeting!

Send your get well wishes and put a smile on someone's face! Our little finger puppets will nurse your loved ones back to good health. We have over 200 different finger puppets to choose from, so be sure to check out our other great collections as well!

finger puppet sale... choose any 5 for $25

Collect them all, if you can!!!

Each toy is handmade with Love! Numerous artisans hand-knit each of our finger puppets; There will be variations in the colors and style. No two are exactly the same, and that's why each one is so special! Fair Trade, Handmade and Eco Friendly

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