What Our Company Does

As a company, Finger Puppets Inc. sets out to do for our producers all of the things they can not do for themselves; branding, marketing, packaging, freight forwarding, toy safety compliance, insurance, barcodes, warehousing & distribution, international sales, the list goes on… All with the intention of opening up one of the world’s poorest, most remote and isolated regions to a global market, creating life-changing opportunities for a marginalized population who contend with extreme poverty. 

knitters in Peru making finger Puppets

Buying one of our finger puppets is a purchase anyone can feel good about and a fantastic toy to give to your children that’s GUARANTEED to ignite their imaginations! Out of respect for the history of these toys and our producer’s traditional ways of life, we are already certified as a sustainable organization and are committed to these types of initiatives. From “Calle Mayor,” (aka Main Street) Peru, to Main Street, USA and beyond, we are proud supporters of small business!

Learn More: http: //www.fingerpuppetsinc.com/pages/our-fair-trade-pledge

Be sure to check out our collections of Eco-Friendly, Fair Trade, Handmade Finger Puppets from Peru!

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