Thumbthings Finger Puppets Are Handfuls of Fun!

Childhood play is about learning and discovery. And we believe batteries are not required for children to put their imaginations to work. Child development experts, along with concerned teachers and parents worry that electronic toys and gadgets might substitute for the more important interaction between children and caring adults. Parents can be reassured that if they play with, sing with, talk to, read to, and enjoy interacting with their children, one-on-one, the rest is going to happen.

When children play with adults, they display higher levels of language development and problem solving skills. At the same time, parents and grandparents get a chance to reminisce about their own childhoods and enjoy play’s many benefits too. Best of all, they aren’t just for children... Thumbthings Handmade Finger Puppets bring out the kid in all of us! When play is infused into family life, everyone has more fun... Whether you’re six or 60, play is beneficial and when younger and older generations play together, the benefits are even greater!

Collect Them All... If You Can!!!

There are over 200 adorable characters to play with, collect, love, trade, and share! ThumbThings Finger puppets excite the imagination, and inspire creativity in kids... They will will put down their electronic gadgets and spend hours interacting and playing pretend games with each other, all while learning valuable social skills! All of our finger puppets are handmade with lots of love, and sourced ethically.

Take A Walk On The Wild Side With Eco-Friendly Finger Puppets

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Adventures From The Deep: Sea Creatures For Creative Play!

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Fun, Feathered Friends At Your Finger-tips!

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We've Got The Creepies And The Crawlies...

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Down On The Farm Fun!

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Handmade With Love,

Our finger puppets are handmade by a number of artist collectives from the rural areas of the Peruvian high-plains. Each of these toys are eco-friendly because they are sustainably made! We source ethically, practice fair trade principles, and strive to help these artisans extend their products reach. As descendants of the Incas, these artisans, mostly women, have been working with textiles for generations. Knitting is a proud tradition for the Quechua and Aymara people who still use traditional methods today. Most work from home, or in their spare time, using their passion and skills to create these colorful finger puppets.

Each finger puppet is as unique as the artist who created it!

Some characters are only available in limited quantities and then never made again. Others are created by artisans from subsistence communities who only knit during certain periods of the year, and in very small batches. Our network of artisan-producers is comprised of over 800 talented individuals who are encouraged to use their creativity to the fullest! These special children's toys are not made in a factory, they are handmade with love!

Learning Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

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There's "ThumbThing" For Everyone!!!

Each of our little finger puppets is individually packaged and will easily fit into an envelope, along with a greeting card, to mail to someone you love! We have over 200 characters to collect, including silly clown finger puppets to say "happy birthday!" And doctors & nurses to say "get well soon!" For Easter, skip the chocolate, and load Easter baskets with ThumbThings cute Easter Finger Puppets, perfect for boys & girls, young & old. ThumbThings are a MUST-have for spooktacular Halloween fun, trick-or-treating, or hosting the best Halloween party ever! Our frightfully fun finger puppets for Halloween are an alternative to candy your children, family, and friends are guaranteed to LOVE! And for Christmas, finger puppets make a thoughtful and meaningful gift that will warm the heart and be cherished year after year. Fill your stockings with ThumbThings Finger Puppets and watch kids (young and old) put down their smart phones & tablets, and play together instead. Start a new family holiday tradition for warm memories that will last a lifetime with these fun, handmade, finger puppets

Fun To Play With... And Kind To The Earth!

There are generations of craftsmanship, endless stories, traditions, history, and hope for a better future woven into each finger puppet. Part of our mission is to inspire people to think about their everyday purchases and about how choosing responsibly made products can change the world. Each of our finger puppets is handmade by women's artisan collectives in Peru and every purchase supports subsistence communities. We are certified by Green America, and