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Caring for the environment is important to Finger Puppets Inc. In an effort to minimize our impact, we have chosen to purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset 100% of the electricity we use, along with verified emission reductions (VERs,) also known as carbon offsets, to reduce the environmental impact of the business travel of our employees and nation-wide network of sales representatives. 

                                                    renewable energy credits certified         Carbon Offsets   Green-E Certified 

By purchasing RECs and VERs Finger Puppets Inc. is taking responsibility for its environmental impact and hopes to raise awareness of the changes that are needed in the way business is conducted and how it affects the world. 

This program is scalable and will grow as our business grows, helping us reduce dependency on fossil fuels, promote cleaner air, fight global climate change, increase demand for renewable energy, promote development of clean energy sources, increase demand for carbon mitigation projects and development of carbon offsetting technologies. 


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Finger Puppets Inc buys renewable energy credits


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