Surprise Blind Bags, Sets Of 3 Mystery Finger Puppets

surprise sets of finger puppets

What's Inside? Each Set Is Different!!!

Each of our Blind Bags include three adorable, unique finger puppet characters that children know and love. What surprise will you find next?  The King Of The Jungle, A Mischievous Monkey, and a Giant Galapagos Tortoise? Or will you discover a Monarch Butterfly, Chuckwalla Lizard and Bovine Cow? Each set is different and each set is a surprise!

the 3 pack Finger Puppet sets come in a paper tote so kids can bring them along everywhere they go. Each of our finger puppets are handcrafted by artisans in rural Peru, and every purchase supports subsistence communities.

There are countless characters to collect, and new styles are created all the time!  

A fantastic toy to give to your children that’s guaranteed to ignite their imaginations! 

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