Great Fun! Fairy Tales Finger Puppets

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fairy tales finger puppets

Magical Adventures & Fairy Tale Fun!

Cast a spell with our Fairy Tale finger puppets and go on a quest through this enchanting collection of inspiring characters to discover the makings of endless royal stories and mythical make-believe play! Open the door to imagination with our fairy tales collection of eco friendly and fair trade finger puppets, each is handmade with love!

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Collect Them All!

We have over 200 different finger puppets to choose from, so be sure to check out our other collections as well for great gift ideas, there's sure to be "ThumbThing" for everyone!

Children will spend hours playing pretend games

    Numerous artisans lovingly hand knit each of our finger puppets; There will be variations in the colors and style.

    No two are exactly alike, and that's why each one is so special!

    Fair Trade, Handmade and Eco-Friendly

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