Finger Puppet History

As The Story Goes... "The scraps of yarn that are knitted into characters, and placed on fingers, will do the dance of life while the flames of a fire lick the night sky." This anecdote has been handed down from generation to generation in the high plains of Peru (near Lake Titicaca, on the frigid Andean plateau 12,500 feet above sea level) where everyone in the tribes knit. From a young age they learn the fine art of textile making, and use their artistic savvy to create the finger puppets we so love. Puppetry is an ancient form of performance,...

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The Littlest Things...

The Littlest Things Make The Biggest Difference, Caring for the environment is important to Finger Puppets Inc. In an effort to minimize our impact, we have chosen to purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset 100% of the electricity we use, along with verified emission reductions (VERs,) also known as carbon offsets, to reduce the environmental impact of the business travel of our employees and nation-wide network of sales representatives.                                                                  ...

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What Our Company Does

As a company, Finger Puppets Inc. sets out to do for our producers all of the things they can not do for themselves; branding, marketing, packaging, freight forwarding, toy safety compliance, insurance, barcodes, warehousing & distribution, international sales, the list goes on… All with the intention of opening up one of the world’s poorest, most remote and isolated regions to a global market, creating life-changing opportunities for a marginalized population who contend with extreme poverty.  Buying one of our finger puppets is a purchase anyone can feel good about and a fantastic toy to give to your children that’s GUARANTEED...

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About Our Company

fair trade finger puppets handmade finger puppets Peru puppets puppets ThumbThing Handmade finger puppets

Handmade finger puppets from Peru! Handmade by the Quechua and Aymara people of the Andes. Over 150 colorful, fun characters to collect!

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